Tuesday Blues: Thinking of Business Opportunities

This is one of those days when I’m feeling blue. Despite being my favourite color, being blue has been associated with a general feeling of depression or simply being sad and low. Why? Because career-wise I am just lost. My friends in college are doing well in their respective jobs. Most of them are working abroad in countries like London, Dubai, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, USA, Singapore, Oman and practically everywhere else. They are employed in Companies like Ernst & Young and Deloitte. While I am back here in the Philippines for some reason I could no longer regret so I am thinking of business opportunities to put me right on the track to success.

My latest fascination is the Fish Spa. We will need the help of the Doctor Fish, also known as Garra Rufa-a tiny toothless Turkish fish, naturally nibbling your dead skin cells, leaving you with silky smooth hands and feet. Many people also believe that this fish therapy can cure skin problems like psoriasis. This is beginning to be a popular, ticklish option to clean your feet or hands or for those who can bare it, the entire body. It would a great business venture. It is something new, and people will definitely give it a try.

An internet shop is probably one of the most common business ideas where many people have made a modest success. 5 years ago this enterprise has been most in demand. Today, the selling price for an internet hour gets cheaper as the cost of electricity and other fixed overhead get ridiculously higher. If you do the math, you’re looking at a great risk of losing. Internet is now considered to be a commodity of the masses. More and more people have access to it from the office, at home and even their cellular phones. So I doubt if I still want to take a shot at this.

Since I like music and one of a good way to start a business is to do something that you like, I am also looking into starting up a karaoke bar. Filipinos are sing-along fans. There wouldn’t be a celebration without having karaoke machine to light up the mood and keep the party going. It is sort of a bonding activity for friends and family. The only problem I have with this idea is how alcohol gets into the picture. My parents have an issue against business selling booze and cigar or anything along that line. And people sing better under the influence of alcohol. Generally, they sing at their best or at least shamelessly, when are intoxicated.

I have bigger dreams like having my own commercial building or hotel. I would also love to have my own beach resort and a nationwide chain of restaurants. The more I think about it, the bluer I get.

I guess the key to a happy life is being content. There is no room for everyone at the top. When you look at a pyramid, the biggest and strongest part is its foundation. For now, I lost at the bottom.

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