Thursday at Bingo’s Place: On-Leave

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that got into my mind is how the smell of cigarette smoke will fill my 8 hours in the office. The thought of coughing all day is just unbearable so I decided not to go.

I went to Daniel a.k.a Bingo, because they have free WIFI internet. I spent my day downloading applications from the apple store and playing them over and over again. I had to re-charge my phone twice. That wasn’t really an exciting way to spend your vacation leave but I did enjoy it a lot. If only I got paid for playing these games, it would be perfect. If only I had a job on-line then I wouldn’t have to endure another day in the death zone. So let me list down some of the benefits about working at home:

  1. You can choose your own hours. Working online offers a flexible time for you to do a certain job. You are able to choose how much of your time you can commit to get the job done. Others do it part-time, while others prefer to make it their fulltime job.
  2. A more relaxed cosy atmosphere. Of course, it is where you are most comfortable. You don’t need to power dress for a corporate suit and tie. You can log-in in your Pyjamas and not too much worry about looking good or smelling fresh all day.
  3. No actual boss to breathe on your neck. Having a boss somewhere halfway around the world is different from having a boss who will physically harass you with deadlines. Working at home provides for you to own your job and be your own “boss” at certain level.
  4. No traffic. Driving around in traffic or commuting to work daily is stressful. At the comfort of your own office at home the only thing you will probably need navigating is your mouse. You will definitely save up on your fuel expenses.
  5. Balance. Being confined in an office cubicle for 40 hours a week somehow takes you away from the real life. For those who have a family with kids, working at home is definitely a good alternative to a regular job in the office since it will give them the time to take care of their children at play with them. Sometimes work gets in the way in personal relationships, too. Especially when a job demands so much time that it robs you of the opportunity to maintain human relationships.

I am sure there are tons of reasons why people choose to work at home. But before really going into it, I guess it is important to know what you can offer. I wish I had expertise on computer programming, web design, computer animation and the likes of it. These jobs are paid really well on- line. For the meantime, writing, like I am doing now, is one fun way of passing my time. Who knows where my writing will lead me.

This is the last article in a series of 7. I am crossing my fingers for more. 🙂

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