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Monday in the University: Online in the Library

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It’s our official first day of classes and here I am, already doing a research for my marketing course. Good thing though is that it’s just basic topic for research for me to finish quickly and still have enough time to write for my online writing job before my next class which, is in an hour and half.

Thinking about it, I can say that I have one of the best jobs in the world and it’s the best job that I have so far. It’s not that my previous jobs were like the worst of jobs, definitely not for I had learned and especially earned to help my studies. But then, the difference with my previous jobs and this online writing job that I have now is that I own my time. I finally own my time, work according to when I am most free, and work wherever I am, thus, not being pressured in order to offer the best that I have. And I think that is every employee’s dream from which employers’ benefit as well. And I’m just so lucky to have the kind of job.
I applied for this job not more than a week ago. Lucky, indeed. It came to me just when I was needing another source of income. And what’s more to it, it’s something I am really comfortable to work for. Writing is really close to my heart, so I literally jumped out of my seat when I have read the email regarding my contract. I even had to check it more than ten times to confirm what I have read. I can’t remember if I was that excited when I got my previous jobs. I was really in cloud nine.

Since I am here in the library, I can’t help but compare my “good fortune” with the current situation of some of my fellow students. Here I am, having a chance to earn for my studies while they cram to get good grades to get a good job after. Of course, I have nothing against of them studying hard. Just like them, I value education as how I value my family. Mother will always tell me that I have to study hard for it’s one treasure one can’t take away from me. That is why, despite financial troubles, I keep on pursuing my studies. I am so thankful that I am living these days where you have a chance to work and study at the same time due to technological advancements. Technological advancements really paved the way for a company or even a simple individual to outsource whatever they need, may it be for business or personal use. And as long as they do outsourcing, people like me will have a chance to continue earning money, pursuing dreams, help others and most especially, continue living.