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B2B payment simply refers to the business transaction between 2 businesses for the completion of a task. For instance, a company A makes shoes, but to make shoes, it needs leather. Conversely, a company B specialises in the accumulation of leather. In order to fulfil its purpose, company A needs leather from company B so that they can create shoes. The relocation of money in this whole scenario is referred to as B2B pay, or Business to Business pay.


B2Bpay.co is a joint venture of innovators and entrepreneurs from Finland, New Zealand, India, Holland and Brazil. The basic idea of the site is to help exporters receive money. We provide exporters with a virtual bank account inside the European Union and then transfer the incoming money to the exporter’s local bank account in for example India or Brazil.

When an investor wants to relocate money between European countries and India, he or she is required to pay 3 to 6% in terms of charges for the relocation. That does not seem to be the problem for B2B Pay, since B2B Pay transfers money to and from these countries at the rate that is below 1%, which means you save almost 80%.

Transparency about fees

In its entirety, Europe has a cumulative sum of nearly 200,000 banks; all of these banks have variable fee plans, structure and processing times for transactions. Exchange rate plays a vital role in this whole situation, for instance if you receive an amount from Europe, they will only initiate the transaction by using a payment order in their bank. Usually a fixed charge is deducted for the services, but the big trade-off is the exchange rate. The bigger the difference in exchange rate, the bigger the difference in the total amount sent and total amount received. This is a reason in potentially losing hundreds of euros. On the other hand, B2Bpay believes in transparency about charges. They claim to provide the best business in town with the best rates in the market. This can be proved by the fact that their rate for India is only 0.8%. Which means, your costs are reduced by up to 80%.

Annually, more than 100,000 small exporters and businessmen, send goods and provide services to their clients in different parts of Europe. These transactions and deals are carried about in a similar manner, the two parties meet, agree on a deal, sign documents that make the transaction official. The exporter then exports the product or the service to the importer, while the importer returns the favour with money. As expressed earlier, all the payments that the importer makes, are made with his or her local bank, while the exporter bears all the cost related to the transaction.

No more overpaying

The real question is, how does B2B Pay help you in avoiding such circumstances where you have to overpay on transactions to receive your money?

To take care of all the hullaballoo, B2B Pay conducts all necessary checks when it registers you as a customer if you sign-up. Additionally, it also adds information about your bank account number into its database system.

B2B Pay IBAN number in Europe

To receive money in any country associated with the European Union, B2B Pay also provides you with a European IBAN bank account number. An IBAN number is your key to keep track of your transactions and your money. Thanks to SEPA the very IBAN number can be used in all 34 states under the banner of European Union for absolutely free.

When the money arrives in your European bank account, B2B Pay sends it to your local bank, since they already have your local bank account number. Additionally, their fee for this transaction is 80% less than the lowest fee offered by any other service provider of the same genre. This guarantees a saving of 2-5% on the value of transaction. Of-course, this will directly impact on your profit by 10 to 20%.

In conclusion, when you sign up for B2B Pay, you get to take a compliance test only once. It also supports profitable currency conversion and payment to your original bank is so much simpler. Furthermore, it provides you with a European IBAN account number that sets up your European transactions pretty neatly.


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Exports from Brazil

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Exports from Brazil: Whenever anyone mentions Brazil, our mind immediately thinks about beautiful beaches, scintillating girls and football, lots of football. But there is actually more to Brazil then just beaches, girls and football. Believe it or not, Brazil is the mainstay of South America, with the 5th highest population in the world; it is also the hub of trade and commerce in the continent.  

Exports play an important part in the incomes of a nation. The relationship between imports and exports determine how stable a country’s economy is. Brazil, being the 9th highest economy in the world, and it did not achieve that feat without doing much. In the international trade market, Brazil exports most of its products to countries like China, United States of America, Argentina and the Netherlands. In terms of imports, Brazil’s main partners in the ally are again countries like, China, United States of America, Argentina, Germany and South Korea. Below is a list of 10 items that Brazil exports more than anything else.

Refined Petroleum

Refined Petroleum is the 10th largest trade that Brazil makes. On its own, refined petroleum that Brazil provides, is sufficient enough for the whole of South America.

Aircrafts, Helicopters and Spacecraft

Contrary to popular belief, USA is not the largest supplier of aircrafts, helicopters and spacecraft. It is true that USA manufactures and sells the most amounts of arms and ammunition throughout the entire universe, but aircrafts, helicopters and spacecraft are a completely different thing. Brazil provides all, the spare parts, resources and the built crafts.


Being one of the biggest countries in the world that is famous for its agricultural setup, it is no surprise that so many of Brazil’s agricultural products make it in the international market. Corn is one of the substance that Brazil exports more than any other agricultural product.


The world’s fuel. It is a universal fact that over 80% of adults in the world, run on 2 things, either coffee or tea. Well, Brazil makes plenty of coffee, even so much that they export the leftovers to other countries and make millions off it.

Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is not just a major source of nourishment for humans, but it is also a significant source of food for animals. Brazil provides a lot of Soybean meal for everyone’s needs.

Poultry Meat

Poultry includes animals from farms, like Chicken, Ducks, Quail, Turkeys and all the by-product that comes from them, like eggs. Brazil is a major exporter of Poultry Meat.


Sugar is the main source of carbohydrates. It can be found in almost every edible substance that we consume. In the list of Brazil’s highest exports, Sugar ranks at 4th.


The Soybean is famous all around the world, in Europe it is known as Soya bean. It is plant that is grown in the forest, and the only edible part is, is its bean.

Crude Petroleum

Crude petroleum is the total opposite of refined petroleum. Refined petroleum is the fuel used in automobiles like car, bikes and trucks. On the other hand, Crude Petroleum is the more raw form of petroleum. Among all of Brazil’s exports, Crude petroleum ranks as number 2nd.

Iron Ore

Voila, Brazil’s most significant export is Iron ore. Iron ores are not exactly raw form of iron, but it is the mixture of rocks and mountainous parts out of which pure iron is extracted and then put to use.

There you have it folks, that was the top ten of Brazil’s biggest and the most significant exports. Other honorable mentions are;

  • Sulfate Chemicals
  • Wood pulp
  • Cars
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Semi-finished iron
  • Frozen bovine meat
  • Tobacco
  • Gold
  • Fruit Juice
  • Ferroalloys
  • Alcohol > 80% ABV

Banks in Brazil: an overview

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This is an overview of banks in Brazil.  Banks in Brazil use the IBAN numbering system.

When we talk about trade and commerce, we think about banks and accountants, because the two things are inter-related. When it comes to Brazil, the banking sector in the country is booming like many other economic bases. There are many banks, both national and international, that are plying their trade in a rapidly developing country like Brazi.

List of banks in Brazil

  • Banco Bradesco Financiamentos
  • HSBC
  • Banco J Safra S/A
  • Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S/A
  • Caixa Econômica Federal
  • Banco PanAmericano S/A
  • Banco Itaú
  • Banco Santander
  • Banco do Brasil
  • CitiBank

Banco Bradesco Financiamentos

The Banco Bradesco Financiamentos was founded in the year 1943. Opened its first office in the city of Marilia, Sao Paulo. The bank is currently Brazil’s second largest when it comes to private banks in the country. The current headquarter of the bank is in Osasco, Sao Paulo at the building Companhia Cidade de Deus. Being in business in Brazil for almost 7 decades is no mean feat, and one cannot do that unless it has some merit. Similarly, the banco Bradesco Financiamentos has acquired several of the most significant institutions in Brazil, like Banco do Estado do Maranhao and Banco Morada, and several others. To add to that, the bank has also been successful in taking over the charge of operations for American Express Credit card in Brazil. The Banco Bradesco Financiamentos has also been good in the numbers game, with 1.4 million shareholders, 95248 employees countrywide, and 3235 offices throughout the nation.

Caixa Econômica Federal

The Caixa Econômica Federal initiated business way back in the year 1861. It is the bank owned by the government of Brazil and is the sole bank in the country with FGTS, PIS and the payment unemployment insurance. Apart from that, it also looks after the government’s interest in Programa Minha Casa and Minha Vida. As far as the numbers game is concerned, the bank has 2229 offices situated in the country, 10954 casas lotericas and 81500 employees throughout the nation.


HSBC is an international commercial cum investment bank that is organized within 4 factions, that are; Commercial banking, Global banking and markets, personal financial services and global private banking. Right now, HSBC has representation in around 87 countries and in Brazil, it is present since 1997. Its current headquarter is located in Curitiba. In the numbers game its performance are off the chart, with 933 offices throughout the country and 25122 employees.

Banco J Safra S/A

Banco J Safra is famous in Brazil for the fact that all its clients are elite. Operating in Brazil since 1955, it’s based in Sao Paulo with over 100 offices throughout the nation. The numbers support its ranking as a major banking firm in the country. As of now, it has a century of banks spread throughout the country, with 5605 employees working in them.

Banco Itaú

The Banco Itaú purchased Unibanco in the year 2008, since then its market value has skyrocketed 120%. This made it a valuable member of the top ten banks in Brazil. Banco Itaú is not just famous in Brazil, but it is also pretty well known in whole South America. It is based in Sao Paulo. Currently they have more than 4500 offices and 14.5 million clients. And being the conglomerate that it is, it employees more than 190000 employees.

Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S/A

Based in Porto Alegre, the bank has branches in 364 cities. Banco do Estado is a state owned bank and has 438 branches and 500 ATMs throughout the country. The bank also has 9762 employees working for it.

Banco PanAmericano S/A

Founded in the year 1969, the bank has taken its development to the next level gradually. Now it has 237 offices, 2425464 clients and 3Million credit cards.

Banco Santander

Initiated in 1991, the bank now has 1897 offices, 7119 ATMs and more than 6.7 million clients. Currently its total assets amount to more than $222 Billion.

Banco do Brasil

The largest bank in Brazil on the basis of total assets, the banco do Brazil has its headquarters in Brasilia. The bank was founded in 1808 and is owned by the Government of Brazil. The bank has more than 5000 offices, 40000 ATMs, and 110000 employees.


The world renowned Citibank is headquartered in Sao Paulo since 1915. Currently it is operating in 21 out of the 26 Brazilian states. Currently they have more than a 100 offices, 11500 ATMs and more than 2000 employees.

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