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How to Send Money Back Home without Much Ado

India is situated in the heart of Asia. It is known for its cultural diversification, its history, its monuments and what not. However, India also has the third largest population in the world. According to the census of 2003, the population of India is nearly 1.3 Billion people. It would not be much of a problem had all its occupants were living on a satisfactory income, but unfortunately, they are not. Almost 80% of Indian people live below the line of poverty. In this regard, most Indians strive to grow up and move abroad for earning money. This strategy of the people of India has brought fruitful results to the country because firstly, it has outsourced a lot of people which has decreased the population boom. And secondly, because when these people send money from abroad, part of it also assimilates in the national wealth of the country.

There are a lot of methods via which overseas Indians send money back to their relatives in India; some of these are Greenwich Money Exchange, Western Union Money Transfer, and Remit2India etc. But the most famous of these options is Continental Exchange Solutions. It is a huge conglomerate, whose division for India is called “Ria Financial Services”.

This assists millions of overseas Indians in their quest of money transfer to India.

Sending Money

Continental Exchange Solutions allow customers to send money from wherever in the world to India via a debit card or a credit card, whichever suits your needs. You can also go to one of the millions of branches of Continental Exchange solutions personally and handover cash to them to transfer it to a particular city in India.

Receiving Money

Receiving the money sent via Continental Exchange Solutions is as easy as 123. There are two options for your recipient in collecting the money. He or She can either transfer the money received directly to his bank account, or the money can be collected personally through the 44000 branches of Continental Exchange Solutions throughout India.

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