B2B Payment from Europe to India

B2B Payment from Europe to India: for an Indian exporter, what are good ways to receive money for goods and services exported to Europe?

Europe is the most advanced continent in the world in terms of infrastructure, finance, science and education. The reason for all this success is the fact that it is the hub of all trade and commerce in the entire universe. There are countless European companies throughout the continent that conduct trade intracontinental as well as intercontinental. Due to the amalgamation of most of Europe into a single union called European Union, the trade and business conducted within the continent has been made pretty comprehensive. Most business owners can now relax when it comes to worrying about the rules and regulations of all these countries as a whole because the EU oversees all transactions.

On the other hand, import and export between countries from outside the European Union and the countries that are part of the European Union, are comparatively complex. But fortunately, carrying out trades and the relocation of money from one place to another has now been facilitated by different payment gateways. Payment gateways, are exactly what they sound like, they are the gateways or the medium through which you transfer money from buyer to the seller, or seller to the buyer (as applicable).

In order to select an optimal payment gateway that facilitates the transference of your finances, it is recommended that you take a few issues under consideration.

Geographical Location of Your Business

It is a common fact that not all of these payment gateways support transactions in all the countries of the world. Some gateways support some countries, while they do not support other countries. So it is imperative to figure out the payment gateways that actually support transactions in the country that you conduct your business from.

The mode of payment

The way that you like to conduct your trade or the manner in which you wish the money to be transferred, plays an important role in determining which payment gateway you should opt for. This is because, some of these gateways support credit cards, and some do not. What if you like to conduct your business through credit cards, but could not because the gateway you opt for does not support that feature.

Currency Exchange

You need to care for the comfort of your customers too. Opt for a gateway that supports exchange of monetary funds in different dominions.

Once you are done with decision, you can decide your payment gateway by weighing the pros and cons of different gateways that fulfill your criteria.

Pay Zippy

Pay Zippy does not charge a single dime as its set up fee. Its service charges via debit cards are 0.75% for a transaction below 2000 Indian rupee. While for transactions that are greater than 2000, cost 1%. For Credit cards, the service charges are 3.5% for transaction in the range of 0-5 lakh rupee, and for 5-10 lakh rupee, it costs around 3.25%. Similarly, for transactions between 25 to 100 Lakh, it costs 2.5%.

PayU India

There are three categories of customers in PayU India, namely;

  • Economy
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The economy category requires 4500 Indian rupee as set-up fee, while the set-up fee required for silver, gold and platinum is 9900, 19900, 29900 respectively. Similar to Pay Zippy, PayU India also charges 0.75% for transactions below 2000rs and 1% for transactions over 2000rs via debit card. Conversely, for transactions involving credit card, 3.9%, 3.25%, 2.9%, and 2.5% is charged as service charges for Economy, Silver, Gold and Platinum categories respectively.


Similar to PayU India, DirecPay has 4 categories of customers, namely;

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Corporate

As setup charges, basic category requires 6000 rupee, while 12000, 24000 and 36000 are charged for Advanced, Professional and Corporate categories respectively. The debit card charges for all transactions are 1.25%. While on the contrary, for credit card transaction, 5.5%, 4.5%, 3.75% and 2.75% for Basic, Advanced, Professional and Corporate category respectively.

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