is a project by Kasper Souren. As you might have guessed we provide information about sending money. This includes bank accounts in other countries, which can be a great way to save money, articles about Bitcoin, new banking innovations such as the Finnish Holvi and ways for international B2B money transfer.

Formerly Known As: The Outsourcing Diaries

It was started in 2011 as The Outsourcing Diaries.

I’ve been been outsourcing several tasks with various degrees of success and I became curious about what’s happening on the other side. I created a job offer: I’m paying people to write 7 articles about their daily life in relation to outsourcing, I’m not paying a lot but I don’t yet know if I will earn back the money I’m investing.

So far we have stories from Philippines, California and Bosnia. Even people in one of the biggest economy of the world are taking up on outsourcing jobs. Here you can read what outsourcers are thinking, why they choose to do outsourcing work, their fears and desires for the future.

It’s a for profit project with an anthropological view and hopefully earn this back through advertising and other opportunities that will arise in the future. Contact me if you have any proposals, for business, research or other ideas.

In 2005 I’ve worked with people in Mali on Wikipedia, in the languages Bambara and Peul. My dream is to pay writers in Africa for this (or another project) and somehow work out a way that will also improve Wikipedias in African languages