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May 25, 2011

Welcome to the world of outsourcers

By | Outsourcing: an original view

Welcome to The Outsourcing World!  Outsourcing has been praised by a few and cursed by many.  In North America and Europe we mostly think about the downsides of downsizing, many people are losing their jobs and the economy doesn’t allow for them to quickly find something new.  But there’s another side as well.

A couple of years ago I tried to get some work myself through some of the main outsourcing sites.  It was very tedious to get anywhere, and the rates were quite low.  Recently I’ve started building my own little web imperium mainly to avoid working for other people – be it a boss as a wage slave or as freelancer for clients.  I did work with people I’ve never met before, but their culture and living situations are usually somewhat similar to mine, or at least I am acquainted with the way they live, what they eat, and what their roads look like.

I’ve also traveled quite a bit, usually by hitchhiking and I very often stayed with locals, either arranged or in an ad-hoc fashion. I’m naturally interested in what people are doing. Consequently I came up with the idea to find some people to not write about car insurances, Powerpoint presentations, teak furniture or other concepts that are somewhat distant from their own experience but about their own personal life. I sincerely hope that you (and me) will enjoy reading these outsourced diary entries.